Taurix offers many different types of support contracts (either standalone of bundled with a product). Please refer to the terms of your agreement with us to know the correct response times, SLA’s or availibity outside of business hours.

Each Taurix business to business customer will have received one of more accounts on our support website.

Obtaining support

To obtain support, always create a support ticket by logging in at https://support.taurix.net with the credentials you received or just send your problem by mail to support@taurix.net. Our technical staff will be notified on newly created tickets.

P1/Immediate tickets will be automatically escalated according to your SLA contract but only if they were created via https://support.taurix.net.

Please create a ticket before calling in on our support number: +32 14 15 14 46

Ticket status

You will be updated by email on changes to your ticket or you can check and update it by logging in. Tickets for your customer account can be tracked by multiple support accounts from your organization.

Please keep the part of the subject between brackets that contains the ticket number intact when replying by E-mail.

Priority tickets

Out ticketing system uses 5 priorities for tickets:

Low (P5) Normal (P4) High (P3) Urgent (P2) Immediate (P1)

Please refer to your support contract for SLA commitments on these levels.

To submit a priority ticket, you should always create it through the web interface, it is also possible to mail in a ticket and set the priority through the web interface as long as the status is still ‘new’.

If your contract contains an SLA, our incident management system will alert Taurix staff to take action on the ticket.

Note: it is not possible to raise a ticket that is already in ‘in progress’ status. The correct procedure is to file a new ticket and reference the existing one. SLA calculations will be based on the timestamps in the new ticket.


Support tickets will be billed according to the terms of your support agreement with Taurix. Some of our webhosting products include (limited) free support options and in that case, tickets will not be billed.