In a significant mishap, Google Cloud recently faced one of its most severe incidents, accidentally deleting a major customer’s account, leading to nearly two weeks of downtime. This incident underscores the potential risks associated with relying entirely on third-party cloud providers for crucial IT infrastructure. At Taurix IT, we recognize these concerns and offer robust, secure alternatives to ensure your business remains operational and protected.

The Google Cloud Incident

In May 2024, Google Cloud accidentally deleted the entire account of UniSuper, an Australian pension fund managing $135 billion in assets and serving 647,000 members. This unprecedented event not only erased UniSuper’s account but also wiped out all its backups stored on Google Cloud. The incident caused significant disruptions, with services down from May 2 until May 15​ (AllSides)​​ (pcgamer)​​ (BleepingComputer)​.

Google Cloud attributed the disaster to a series of “unprecedented” misconfigurations during the provisioning of UniSuper’s private cloud services. Despite having measures in place to prevent such occurrences, the safeguards failed, highlighting a critical vulnerability in relying solely on cloud providers​ (Vuink.com)​.

The Risks of Cloud Providers

This incident illustrates several inherent risks in depending on cloud services:

Taurix IT’s Safer Solutions

At Taurix IT, we prioritize security, control, and reliability by offering tailored IT support and infrastructure services that leverage open-source solutions, such as Proxmox virtualization and private clouds.

Proxmox Virtualization

Private Clouds


The Google Cloud incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with third-party cloud providers. At Taurix IT, we offer secure, cost-effective, and customizable solutions that give you control over your IT infrastructure. Contact us today to learn how we can help safeguard your business with our expert IT support and open-source solutions.