Jabber on Ubuntu touch

So we are testing the Ubuntu Touch operating system on a Meizu MX 4, one of the downsides we mentioned in our review is the lack of jabber support.

But looking around on the phone, it seems that the needed libraries are present on the phone, so we decided to test if we could make it work.

What works?

  • * The phone will set your account status and stay connected in the background
  • * Receiving messages, although no notification whatsoever will be shown

What doesn't work?

  • * Everything else... including notifications, sending, adding accounts or setting status via a GUI

How did we do it

Warning, you will need to use the command line to make this work.

# Add your account, replace guy@taurix.net with your jabber account and zmail.taurix.net with your jabber server
mc-tool add gabble/jabber guy string:account=guy@taurix.net string:password=*** string:server=zmail.taurix.net bool:ignore-ssl-errors=true
# Enable your account, the name will be in the output of the command above
mc-tool enable gabble/jabber/guy_40taurix-2enet0
# Go online
mc-tool request gabble/jabber/guy_40taurix_2enet0 available
# See the status of your account
mc-tool show gabble/jabber/guy_40taurix_2enet0

Note that you won't have a usable jabber afterwards.  If you go into messages from the home screen, you will see incoming messages, but you cannot send or reply.  We are publishing the results of this trial because it shows that jabber is almost working and just misses the GUI integration to deal with it,